married best-friends playing
their songs about life & love.

Sparkling harmonies,
bright bits of
soft rock, country & jazz;
Music to move you closer to the important people
in your world
"Musical couple writes songs to make you laugh, cry, and feel."  -- The York Dispatch
“SweetLife is an inspiration to hear;
 good songs & harmonies
 bringing healing & hope
to others.” 
 -- Phil Keaggy,
Guitarist/Recording Artist


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"Listening to Matt & Carol sing is like feeling fine silk."
-- Jeanne K., Event Coordinator

"We enjoyed your performance so very much and plan to have you back.  You are the best entertainment we've ever had, many agreed."
 -- Dauphin-Middle Paxton Sunshine Seniors Club

“Remembrance of past joys of life, acknowledgement of the present, and hope for the future.   Everyone, bring your heart and your ears!  Both will be more than satisfied!”
 -- Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art

“They are accomplished musicians and vocalists.  They compose wonderfully original songs and they are always well received when they perform for us.” 
 -- Susquehanna Folk Music Society

"Their lyrics about life and love are something everyone can relate to. 
And they're a really nice couple!"
 -- Tamanend Winery 

“Everyone had positive things to say and I really enjoyed your performance.  It really added to the party atmosphere, and you were wise in keeping in touch with the audience.  Thanks so much.”
-- Traditions Of America

"Fans love their vulnerable lyrics about real intimacy in marriage and the joys and terrors of truly knowing and being known by another."
-- Lancaster County Woman Magazine 

"Your performances and lyric-writing are evocative, honest, compelling, and convicting.  I've been faithfully married for 31 years, and your songs ring true."
-- Matt Miskie, Singer/Songwriter

"I am rejoicing in the Spirit's leading me to ask SweetLife Music to be our musical accompaniment for the evening.  They were truly a blessing to all who were present."
--Pastor Rich Sivo, New Durham Chapel, Piscataway, NJ



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"Refreshingly sappy & sweet." -- Ann C.

"If you want to hear an uplifting
CD about life and love, this is it. 
My favorite is Perfect Summer Day.”

-- Stu Huggens, Susquehanna River Band

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