Last week, we were EMPTY. 

Just drained. 

We told God how we were feeling and asked Him to fill us whenever/however He saw fit. 

He DID. 

He filled us with a deep sense of His own presence, then He sent people who poured themselves into us. 

Retirement community residents and staffers went out of their way to share how much joy they get from our obvious love for each other. 
Church family praised us for following God’s will (especially when it’s a sacrifice). 
A cashier smiled broadly at us, chatting about nothing important at the grocery checkout. 

Folks came out of nowhere with completely unsolicited “attaboys” and “good job!”s 
and now we're overflowing. 

To all you who did that this last week (you know who you are) THANK YOU. 
You had the honor of being an answer to prayer for us, and we're praying you 
receive it back one hundredfold. 

PS - This week, if you feel that nudge, go ahead and hold that door for someone, 
say that kind word to a stranger, smile at everybody you meet. 

Tell ‘em to have nice day.  If you do, chances are they WILL. 

PPS - If you’re the one feeling empty right now, head over HERE 
and let our song “All That You Are” fill you up again.  😊

-- Matt & Carol @ SweetLife Music 

Matthew 5:6

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